You are looking for that story that unites all your content, values and desires and can be told to others.

You have written a story and want to visualize it and touch people inside and inspire them for your topics. 

Your topics are not simple, abstract, complex, rather unconventional, sometimes cheeky, sensitive or even difficult.



The unexpected hero's journey


Your story is nothing special and not worth telling? Your heroe's journey starts right here. It picks up on what's already there and takes you and your target audience on an unexpected journey, creating strong images in your head and connecting feelings in your heart. The hero's journey can be so many things, except one: boring.

Tought for all those who have a story to tell and to illustrate. And everyone else who does, but just doesn't know it yet.


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”Children are told stories to put them to sleep - adults are told stories to wake them up.”

 Jorge Bucay

Package overview

• 1 x sensitive, unexpected story - in words and pictures.

• 1 x digital file (PDF)

• 1 x manual (on file formats and usage rights)

 ”If you want to build a ship, don't start by gathering wood,
planks and distributing the work, but awaken in people's hearts a longing for the great and beautiful sea.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Check in

Check again what the story can do for you:

+ It combines your themes into an imaginative story.

+ It tells of your vision and mission in a vivid and imaginative way.

+ She takes up what is already there and weaves the individual parts into an adventurous narrative.

+ With her words and images, she indelibly conjures herself into people's hearts.

+ It is about dreaming, trying, falling down and getting up – about real life.

+ She invents approachable characters – just like you and me.

+ With her subtle sense of humor, she brings a quiet smile to the faces of others.

+ She builds a narrative bridge between narrator and reader.

+ She can talk about anything without getting too close to anyone.

+ She is human and builds trust.

+ She paints vivid pictures for places with few words.

Would you like to tell your story?

Your unexpected hero's journey is waiting for you – write me.  

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